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This is the question which no one can answer because everyone in this world has a different answer for this question. God cannot be found via intellectual methods but he can be found with the help of belief and faith. Belief and faith, the most powerful tool the man possesses, is the axis along which the whole world revolves. Every individual in this world strides to achieve something because he believes, without which everyone would have been a corpse of clay.

According to me god is, the DNA of belief. Only when you have faith in god, you can believe; When you believe, you can achieve something; When you achieve something, you can find happiness; and finding happiness is the sole motive of this life on earth. So to achieve happiness you have to believe in God.

But the above two paragraphs does not reflect the present scenario. The common perception is that God is a person who monitors everyone on this earth and has the power to punish the human who does the wrong. Actually one can never draw a line between right and wrong, because it depends on the circumstance and perception. This itself is a very huge topic.

What I believe is, people ( eg:kings) on earth use god as a tool to restrain the weaker section from uprising against the ruler. They make the people dumb and make them superstitious. This in turn destroys the rational thinking among humans and the rulers can make use of the faith in God to distract the failures in his administration. When a man becomes superstitious and believes these magical stories about god, he automatically becomes bound by fear, the fear of punishment. And this is actually the method by which every society operates, fear.

The present day description of God is that he has occult powers and those who speak against him would be punished. But the relationship with God should be in a manner by which man binds with the universe. God should be thought as someone who makes people think rationally and makes them happy, rather than as a person who is sitting in the heaven and making a list of your mistakes.

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