Written by soundararajan.R on Friday, January 15, 2010 at 2:48 AM

Most of us believe that men are stronger than woman.We go to the gym and raise our chest in pride while crossing a girl. This I guess most of the men would have done in their life. The case is different when it comes to a girl, she goes to the beauty salon every week, and when she comes out of the house she applies lip stick, make up, lotion, hair spray, and many more things to make her look beautiful and makes all the heads to turn towards her while walking in the street. Now, this is how the society operates.

But is this the truth, the truth is completely different because men are both mentally and physically weaker than women. Don’t be angry guys, the taste of truth is always bitter. Take for example, the pain that a woman undergoes during pregnancy, starting from the 1st day till the day she gives birth, this can never be tolerated by a man.

The other example might seem frivolous to you guys but it’s the truth. The amount of blood they lose during menstrual cycle is simply unimaginable. But she never shows a sign of pain in her face, whereas I have seen guys whine like a kid when they accidentally cut their hand or lose some blood due to injury.

I ones read in an article that men saw the pain that women endured during these two occasions and decided that they had to do something to make them weak otherwise women would dominate men. Hence came the idea of beauty into the picture, they convinced women that she had to take care of her beauty and that is the main quality for being a female. Have you ever seen a guy take so much care to look nice like a girl. The answer would be a firm “NO”. Now think again, ARE MEN REALLY STRONGER THAN WOMEN?


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