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He holds the most powerful position in the world. His victory was celebrated not only in the United States but it was a moment of joy for the entire world. Recently he was awarded the Nobel peace prize (2009). This created a huge controversy whether he deserved it or not?

To me Obama, symbolizes change, and him being the president is a symbolic gesture to all the minority communities in the world that there is not a single thing in the world that cannot be achieved. His speeches are not politically motivated rather it comes from his heart. Though he has not been able to achieve some of his promises made during the election, he is making an earnest effort to make them come true despite the barricades put in front of him by the hypocritical political class. He has been in office just for a year and we have to give him some time, everything cannot be achieved in a day. The peace prize conferred to him would definitely keep him on his heels and will make sure that he does not deviate from his path to reform the world and make it a safer place to live. If something important can be achieved, then there is no harm in bending the rules slightly. YES HE CAN!

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Comment by Mr_Ilham
January 12, 2010 at 8:21 PM #

great post

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