Written by soundararajan.R on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 10:59 PM

Last week Google confronted China openly and declared that the company is going to shut down its operations in China . This step taken by Google, not only shocked the whole world but also confused everyone across the globe. A few years back Google agreed to the Chinese government that it would censor its search results and abide by the local rule of the land. As you might know, everything in this world has a threshold for tolerance and Google overshot its tolerance last week. Critics say that this decision by Google is not going to affect the people in China because the local search engine, Baidu holds 70 percent of the market.

I appreciate the decision taken by Google against the bigot Chinese government. Although it might lose the most promising market in the world, it has made the public think and there is a lot of support for Google’s decision in China . Last week Google’s mail accounts were hacked by some unknown elements. This clearly is a violation of human privacy. Breaking into one’s privacy is the first step of a future autocratic government. Google has given an appropriate response to the Chinese government and now it is in the hands of the people to teach the government that, government is just an institution formed by the people to protect it and not for acting as a moral police in every walk of life.

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