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When a man is given absolute power without any rules, he is bound to follow a path which would destroy him and his society. Have you ever wondered why does a country have a constitution and what purpose does it serve. It actually steers the government in the right direction when it sways away from its path. These are required for successful functioning of a society. Is there any kind of rules and regulation for the banks in the Wall Street?

The major banks of US were given absolute power, when restraining provisions in the Glass-Steagall act were scrapped by the Bill Clinton government through the Financial Services Modernization act, 1999. This was the starting point of the bubble which shattered the whole world when it blew in 2008 and plunged all the economies into recession.

Last week was a little tough for the Obama administration as it lost the Massachusetts senate seat to a republican candidate. Still Obama has not given up his fight against the business lobbyist and he has proposed many reforms in the banking sector in the coming days. He proposes a tax that would generate $9 billion a year for 10 years. And this action has drawn strong criticism from the whole banking fraternity. This actually is a very small amount when considered to the $700 billion for the troubled asset relief program these banks had earlier received.

He has taken the first step in the right direction to rein in the banks. This might seem a little tough to grasp because of the negative campaigns by the bankers, but this initial step would finally result in a set of rules framed for these irresponsible bankers who are the sole reason for the crisis in which we are now. Hopefully we would not face another such economic catastrophe in the future.


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The recently concluded auto expo in Delhi shows that the major car industries are now changing their strategy to suit the requirements of the developing economies. All the major car makers of the world showcased their beautiful models and surprisingly the main focus was on the mileage of these cars rather than on the luxury.

Maruti’s Eeco, Toyota’s Etios, Chevrolet’s Beat, Volkswagen’s Polo, and Honda’s small car, all these cars were introduced for the first time in the Indian market in order to get a piece of the huge Indian market, whose major portion consist of the small car segment. Maruti 800, which was introduced in 1984, was the best selling car in India till 2004. This clearly showed that the Indians preferred the cars with a greater mileage than the SUV’s. Maruti thus dominates the Indian car market. By gauging the Indian market, Tata motors, last year introduced TATA NANO, which is the cheapest car in the world. Now Tata is planning to export these cars to the European countries.

When Manmohan singh in 1991 opened the Indian market to the foreign companies, there were some impediments in those processes and hence many companies did not prefer the Indian market. But with the increase in the purchasing power of the Indian middle class, most of the foreign companies are now competing for the Indian market. This trend also shows that the large SUV’s are now gone and the present consumer and the car manufacturers have been forced to shift his focus towards mileage as the price of crude oil is increasing every single day.


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This is the question which no one can answer because everyone in this world has a different answer for this question. God cannot be found via intellectual methods but he can be found with the help of belief and faith. Belief and faith, the most powerful tool the man possesses, is the axis along which the whole world revolves. Every individual in this world strides to achieve something because he believes, without which everyone would have been a corpse of clay.

According to me god is, the DNA of belief. Only when you have faith in god, you can believe; When you believe, you can achieve something; When you achieve something, you can find happiness; and finding happiness is the sole motive of this life on earth. So to achieve happiness you have to believe in God.

But the above two paragraphs does not reflect the present scenario. The common perception is that God is a person who monitors everyone on this earth and has the power to punish the human who does the wrong. Actually one can never draw a line between right and wrong, because it depends on the circumstance and perception. This itself is a very huge topic.

What I believe is, people ( eg:kings) on earth use god as a tool to restrain the weaker section from uprising against the ruler. They make the people dumb and make them superstitious. This in turn destroys the rational thinking among humans and the rulers can make use of the faith in God to distract the failures in his administration. When a man becomes superstitious and believes these magical stories about god, he automatically becomes bound by fear, the fear of punishment. And this is actually the method by which every society operates, fear.

The present day description of God is that he has occult powers and those who speak against him would be punished. But the relationship with God should be in a manner by which man binds with the universe. God should be thought as someone who makes people think rationally and makes them happy, rather than as a person who is sitting in the heaven and making a list of your mistakes.


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You might be sitting in a beach enjoying the breeze on your vocation and thinking, this world is the most beautiful place in the universe. But when you turn back the pages of your history book, you can see nothing but, war, blood, sacrifice, holocaust and discrimination based on race, color, caste, creed and sex. Though this might sound a little gloomy, unfortunately most of the pages in my history book contain these words.

Do you know that when a new born baby hears another baby cry, its heart beat increases and its intensity of crying decreases? This clearly is a sign of empathy and this clearly proves that all the men and the women in this world have a predisposition towards a feeling of empathy for its peers (other human beings) in the world. Then how come there were two world wars?

The basic reason behind all these incidents is nothing but being obsessive about material accumulation. Everyone in this world thinks that having a car, lots of money, a luxurious house with a swimming pool, partying everyday night, spending extravagantly on something is, life. This misconception about life has cost many human lives and sadly this material obsession will never end till the last human being in this world dies and the dominant part of the society will oppress the weaker section, this is the curse of having that “SIXTH SENSE”, which fortunately no other animal in this planet possess.


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Last week Google confronted China openly and declared that the company is going to shut down its operations in China . This step taken by Google, not only shocked the whole world but also confused everyone across the globe. A few years back Google agreed to the Chinese government that it would censor its search results and abide by the local rule of the land. As you might know, everything in this world has a threshold for tolerance and Google overshot its tolerance last week. Critics say that this decision by Google is not going to affect the people in China because the local search engine, Baidu holds 70 percent of the market.

I appreciate the decision taken by Google against the bigot Chinese government. Although it might lose the most promising market in the world, it has made the public think and there is a lot of support for Google’s decision in China . Last week Google’s mail accounts were hacked by some unknown elements. This clearly is a violation of human privacy. Breaking into one’s privacy is the first step of a future autocratic government. Google has given an appropriate response to the Chinese government and now it is in the hands of the people to teach the government that, government is just an institution formed by the people to protect it and not for acting as a moral police in every walk of life.


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China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it is believed that it would become the supreme power in the world by 2050. The US president also made a covert reference to this fact in his speech, during his visit to China last year.

But there have been a lot of human rights violation in the country, which no one is taking notice. Last year when there was an ethnic conflict between Uyghurs and Han, the whole problem was crushed with the help of the armed police. The Chinese government has still stationed armed police men in Xinjiang as a pre-emptive measure to prevent further violence. The Chinese government dealt the whole issue from a political point of view, but it should have looked into the conflict as a social issue.

There are a lot of questions on the Chinese government’s policy on land confiscations. Recently there was news about a lady who immolated herself at the top of her residence because she was forced to leave her place, as it was required for some official purpose.

Such ghastly incidents remind us the fact that even though double digit growth is important for a country, individual dignity is above all. The Chinese government should purge all its antediluvian policies and overhaul its view about growth, because the main achievement of growth is to make an individual independent.


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Most of us believe that men are stronger than woman.We go to the gym and raise our chest in pride while crossing a girl. This I guess most of the men would have done in their life. The case is different when it comes to a girl, she goes to the beauty salon every week, and when she comes out of the house she applies lip stick, make up, lotion, hair spray, and many more things to make her look beautiful and makes all the heads to turn towards her while walking in the street. Now, this is how the society operates.

But is this the truth, the truth is completely different because men are both mentally and physically weaker than women. Don’t be angry guys, the taste of truth is always bitter. Take for example, the pain that a woman undergoes during pregnancy, starting from the 1st day till the day she gives birth, this can never be tolerated by a man.

The other example might seem frivolous to you guys but it’s the truth. The amount of blood they lose during menstrual cycle is simply unimaginable. But she never shows a sign of pain in her face, whereas I have seen guys whine like a kid when they accidentally cut their hand or lose some blood due to injury.

I ones read in an article that men saw the pain that women endured during these two occasions and decided that they had to do something to make them weak otherwise women would dominate men. Hence came the idea of beauty into the picture, they convinced women that she had to take care of her beauty and that is the main quality for being a female. Have you ever seen a guy take so much care to look nice like a girl. The answer would be a firm “NO”. Now think again, ARE MEN REALLY STRONGER THAN WOMEN?


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In the previous passage I had highlighted on my hopes that president Obama would show the world that he deserves the Nobel Peace prize. I think that a single passage does not do justice to such a magnanimous individual and thus I would like to justify my conviction.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the speech that he made in Cairo. It was really moving to see him wanting to befriend the Muslim world, which had become America’s ardent enemy after the war on Iraq.

He is a man of words and it is clearly seen by the way he closed down Guantanamo jail despite stiff opposition. Though he has raised the number of stationed troops in Iraq, he has made an effort to make the world a safer place. He respects Ghandhi’s principle of non-violence, but in a turbid situation like this, non-violence cannot be a tool to achieve victory over cannibals like theTalibans.

Though his popularity is on the decline, I still feel that he will show his shrewdness in handling the economic crisis, his resoluteness to destroy Al-Qaeda, his compassion towards the annihilated Iraq and also use his charisma to bring the world together to fight environmental pollution.


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He holds the most powerful position in the world. His victory was celebrated not only in the United States but it was a moment of joy for the entire world. Recently he was awarded the Nobel peace prize (2009). This created a huge controversy whether he deserved it or not?

To me Obama, symbolizes change, and him being the president is a symbolic gesture to all the minority communities in the world that there is not a single thing in the world that cannot be achieved. His speeches are not politically motivated rather it comes from his heart. Though he has not been able to achieve some of his promises made during the election, he is making an earnest effort to make them come true despite the barricades put in front of him by the hypocritical political class. He has been in office just for a year and we have to give him some time, everything cannot be achieved in a day. The peace prize conferred to him would definitely keep him on his heels and will make sure that he does not deviate from his path to reform the world and make it a safer place to live. If something important can be achieved, then there is no harm in bending the rules slightly. YES HE CAN!


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The mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century. Communication has been made so easy that you can speak to a person, anywhere in the world.

The 9cm device has bemused most us with all its characteristics. With the advent of the 3G technology in most of the countries, now you can watch TV in your mobile, browse the internet at over 2Mbps speed maximum, store more than 1000 songs and listen whenever you want, take pictures more clearer than a digital camera, make a video call to anywhere in the world, and you can also make a call to anyone. The last one was the only facility a mobile phone had a few years ago but now it has been overshadowed by all the above mentioned qualities.

English purists have already raised their concern that text messaging by the youth of today is destroying the English language. This is a ridiculous claim because languages are an evolving phenomenon and there need not be any moral policing in this area because language is just a means for communication and being comfortable and trendy is more important. So why ponder over these things instead we can make use of man’s greatest inventions to control the world.


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I am sure most of you out their, would be having a lot of questions about “love”. If you ask a poet, he will say that love is eternal and sacred.

If you ask a businessman he would say that love is like a million dollar tax waiver.

If you ask a student he would say that love is like an exam and it needs a lot of hard work and even if you work hard you are sure to fail.

Love means different things to different people. This is the beauty of love, isn’t it? Have you ever heard your friend say that he was swept off his feet the moment he saw her girl. I have heard many and I have felt the same way at least twice in my life. But do you really think this is love, I strongly deny it because it is just because of the secretion of AMPHETAMINES” by your brain. This is the main chemical which arouses sexual feeling and falling in love at the first sight means that you are sexually attracted to her. So don’t worry if she does not reciprocate your love, because there are lots of girls out there who can sweep you off the feet in the future. Even I am waiting for someone like that. Cheers.


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Yes, this is the latest sensation in the internet world. Google, which has made all the information in the world just a click away, has now made a foray into digitizing the books. The book publishers think that is their death-knell but on the contrary Google is a responsible organization and has a plan prepared. The authors whose books are a damp squib in the market would also get a very reasonable amount for publishing their book online. Most of the books which have remained in the dusty shelves of a library are being given a new life by digitizing them. History teaches us one thing clearly, that is, if there is a change in the right direction then there will be opposition from all the quarters but when the dust settles down everyone would want their piece of share in that success. Google will definitely change the way people read books in the future.

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