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After the emphatic win over the pakistan team in the T20 finals india made a positive start to the future cup first odi.As the match proceeded india was brilliant.sreesanth our kerla fire again took the most dangerous man MATTY.HAYDEN.Gilchrist too was out for a low score because of a spectacular catch by yuvraj singh. Then came the biggest partner ship between Michael clark and Brad haddin.clark went on to score a 130.australia was saved by some sensible batting by the end james hopes made a 25 ball 37 which helped the aussies to reach the 300 mark.

At last the world champions went on to make 307 from 50 overs at 6.14 rpo.

Australia innings (50 overs maximum) R M B 4s 6s SR

AC Gilchrist c Yuvraj Singh b Khan 12 11 11 2 0 109.09

ML Hayden b Sreesanth 34 75 39 5 1 87.17

BJ Hodge lbw b Sreesanth 0 6 5 0 0 0.00

MJ Clarke run out (Khan) 130 202 132 10 3 98.48

A Symonds lbw b Sreesanth 7 11 7 1 0 100.00

BJ Haddin st wicketkeeperDhoni b Yuvraj Singh 69 99 83 7 1 83.13

JR Hopes c Tendulkar b Khan 37 31 25 4 0 148.00

B Lee not out 0 1 0 0 0 -

Extras (b 4, lb 1, w 11, nb 2) 18

Total (7 wickets; 50 overs; 221 mins) 307 (6.14 runs per over)
Regarding the indian bowling I.pathan and sreesanth was decent.Then came the indians batting.Early damage was done by Mitchell johnson because he took Tendulkar in his first over.
Every body was praying for some asssistance from god.But it was in the form of rain.The whole day was washed away by the rain.At the end the match was abandoned due to rain.Thats how the first match of the series met a sad ending to both the teams.

Im looking forward to the rest of the matches hope the left out actions be filled through the rest of the matches.


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Allegro medical is one of the largest online retailers of life
enhancing goods in the United States. It is a part of Allegro Enterprises Inc.,
a private company based in Arizona.Initially, the website offered
ecommerce only in the field of home medical equipment and
health care supplies.Now it has expanded to include a host of other retail products.
It offers more than 55,000 products, under various categories which can be
shopped by category,brand or condition. A number of new features have
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customers. A number of offers and discounts are offered to anybody who
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The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.Still took a chance.

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.

This time his hand writing is red coloured.


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A new cure for migraine!

On september 20,2006 Woman's health Institute of Texas announced a new
cure for migraine headaches especially for women. According to the reports, the
treatment workds by trying to rectify the harmonal imbalances.This
treatment is effective only for women.According to the medical director of
the institute Dr Andrew Jones about 80 percent of the people have found
relief through this method of treatment. According to him,expensive
medication can be avoided. In the standard treatment, patients have to
wait for the symptoms in order to undergo treatment.Also, the medication
may become less effective in course of time.All this is avoided in this
new cure!


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Attention job seekers! A.E.Feldman Associate, Inc., is a leading
executive recruiting firm that maintains high standards of service. It also
has a very successful and a very consistent record of placements. These
two qualities definitely make the firm a very good option for job
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The firm helps to fill position from the bottom to the top tiers of
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areas. The recruiters who have formerly worked in the industry have
knowledge, skill and experience which helps in finding the suitable candidate
for the job. In short, this seems to be the best choice for all those
searching for a job.


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HI guys,
i found a game on the internet.This is really cool.There are many games on this site.But i loved most addictive very much.i would want every one to play this game.
this is really cool.

you may find the game in this site.

43 sec = Best I've heard of so far
25 sec. or more = Excellent
20 sec. or more = Very Good
15 sec. or more = Average
10 sec. or more = Below Average
10 sec. or less = Keep Practicing
Air Force Pilots are said to have consistently beaten 60 seconds.

so what is that you are waiting for.

FACTS - You Don't Know About GOOGLE

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The name 'Google' is a spelling error.The founders of the site thought they were going for 'Googol'.

The reason the Google page is so bare is because the founders didn't know HTML and just wanted a quick interface.

Google started as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were 24 and 23 years old respectively.

Google receives about 200 million search queries each day from every part of the world, including Antartica and Vatican.

In the earliest stage of Google,there was no the submit button rather a hit on the ENTER key.

You can have the Google home page set up in 88 different languages-including Urdu,Latin and Klingon.

It would take 5,707 years for a person to search Google's 3 billion pages. The Google software does it in .5 seconds.

The logos that appear on the Google homepage during noteworthy days are called Google Doodle.

You've heard of Google Earth,but not many know there is a site called Google Moon,Which maps the lunar surface.

Keyhole,the satellite imaging company that Google acquired in October 2004, was funded by the CIA.

sohail_sohail7 is offline


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Krillion Localization Engine is one of its kind! It is a special type
of search engine that is for consumers surfing for goods and their
retail outlets in their neighbourhood. In other words, it displays results
that include details about the nearest outlet in their area. All that
the consumer has to do is just go to the address cited, pay the bill
and take home the goods. This search engine has been generating several
pages of results for appliances across major cities in US. The search is
based on various categories.The main category for which service is
rendered currently includes items like refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.
Other categories will be added soon. The search engine also includes
details about the 'big' retailers for the various brands.This is a truly
localized search experience!! Kenmore Ranges is here to stay


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This is an actual job application a 17 year old boy submitted at a McDonald's fast-food establishment in Florida... and they hired him because he was so honest and funny!

NAME: Greg Bulmash

SEX: Not yet. Still waiting for the right person.

DESIRED POSITION: Company's President or Vice President. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be applying here in the first place.

DESIRED SALARY: $185,000 a year plus stock options and a Michael Ovitz style severance package. If that's not possible, make an offer and we can haggle.


LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility.

SALARY: Less than I'm worth.

MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes.



PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SKILLS?: Yes, but they're better suited to a more intimate environment.

MAY WE CONTACT YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYER?: If I had one, would I be here?


DO YOU HAVE A CAR?: I think the more appropriate question here would be "Do you have a car that runs?"

HAVE YOU RECEIVED ANY SPECIAL AWARDS OR RECOGNITION?: I may already be a winner of the Publishers Clearing house Sweepstakes.

DO YOU SMOKE?: On the job no, on my breaks yes.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE DOING IN FIVE YEARS?: Living in the Bahamas with a fabulously wealthy dumb sexy blonde super model who thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. Actually, I'd like to be doing that now.




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With the increasing craze stealing of cars, damaged caused to cars due to accidents are also on the rise. As we know people are always conservative about the new products they buy. They always want to foresee the future and want to plan ahead for the losses. Now, in the case of cars too there is one way out from these problems. Yes the best way out of this problem is insurance. Now having decided that insurance is the best way out of this problem the problem arises on choosing which one is the best. Here is one insurance agency that sells all types of car insurance including liability insurance, commercial policies, student policies, bad record and good record. The insurance company name is ADVANTAGE AUTO QUOTES. This company provides you with coverage for sports car on various circumstances. Since sports cars are costly 100% reimbursement in the event of damage is provided. For classis cars too it provides fully comprehensive automotive insurance. Advantage Auto Quotes offers fully comprehensive classic car liability insurance. Classic cars are much like other collector's items that require great care, and that's why they offer full coverage auto policies to protect your collectible car or truck in the event of a collision, fire, or other accidental damage. Their classic car policies also cover the driver in the event that he or she is at fault in a collision that damages another vehicle. Instead of accepting a significant loss to a new car, car owners can choose to add GAP coverage for new vehicles to their automotive insurance policy. A GAP policy covers the difference in cost between a new car and a recently-depreciated vehicle of the same make and model. Though an accident is never ideal, G.A.P coverage will protect you from losing your brand new car or truck immediately after you purchased it. Whether your business maintains one vehicle or an entire fleet, advantage auto quotes provides business insurance that is critical to protecting your assets and your employees. Advantage auto quotes also provides with poor driving auto insurance, they also maintain a teen driver auto policy. This company also provides lots of ways to lower your insurance rates too for those kind of information click here Lower Your Car/SUV Insurance. So everyone enjoy the fruit of advantage auto quotes and enjoy fulfilling your dreams of having a new car without fear of loss due to accident, theft etc..


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It is a dream for everyone to spend their holidays in one of the beautiful beaches by booking into one of those beach side resorts that offer special care in serving their customers. If you are one who really values service provided then I would rather recommend you to book into one of KARISMA hotels.

They are the first all-inclusive properties to focus on individual experiences for the affluent. Their chain of hotels provides service that is something far more than merely serving and providing accommodation. These hotel chains are a World of Sensuality and Seclusion On the White-Sand Beaches of Riviera Maya.

These resorts are built with only aim of providing the much needed luxury and a peace of mind to the affluent. Guests will experience the kind of refined dining they are used to at high-end, international restaurants around the world, where the experience, not just the food, exceeds expectations and makes for leisurely, memorable meals. So, if you ever plan for an holiday in one of those exotic beaches do take care to book into one the Karisma hotels which is a All Inclusive Cancun


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The most exciting game ever played in the history of twenty 20 is the match thats been played between india and australia. As usual india won the toss and elected to bat.India had no problem in opening the first innings and australia had no problem in chasing.Every thing was under control of the world champions till yuvraj singh entered the middle.The moment he stepped in to the ground hit a six of the second ball faced from stuart clark(medium fast).

After that YUVRAJ SINGH started to break free.He went on to make a quick fifty of just 20 balls.He finally ends up with 70 runs from 30 balls.the team score was 188/5 of 20 overs.

The pitch was so hard that it looked very much favourable for the aussies.The target was 189 from 20 overs.Gilchrist and Hayden gave a quick start.I thought its all over,suddenly our fire sreesanth took gilchrist's wicket.It was amazing to see the stumps going out of the ground.Similarly wickets started to fall.But and one stage hayden was at his peak.He was unleashing every one with his power.He hit six of pathan which went out of the stadium.Then again sreesanth was given a over.He bowled around to hayden and took his wicket.It was all over when symonds lost his wicket.Then india shortlisted the aussies and india won the game by 15 runs.

Thank god ponting missed the game orelse it would have been tougher for india to reach the finals.

Im looking forward to the finals between india and pakistan.What more a cricket lovers can ask for than a finals between india and pakistan.i wish india will the match and will take care of the twenty 20 world cup.

10 years of google

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There is been a very big advancement ever since google has been started.This pictures shows the path taken by google to achive its greatest height.Clearly google is a boon to not only to the internet users but to the mankind.











We wish google to live long years so that every one in this world benefited by it.


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One of the most important popular tourist spots in America is Orlando it always appeals to its tourists and here is one of the hotel groups that provide you with exciting packages in and around Orlando. is a site that serves as a comprehensive guide to all of those planning a stay there. It not only provides us with the various places to be seen in Orlando it also provides us help to register for cars, hotels, air tickets in advance by internet so all that you need to do when you reach Orlando is to just go around and relax yourself without worrying while they take care of all your needs. offers your these services at an most affordable price from a wide choices available.Not only that it also gives you the discount hotel reservations so that it makes your trip not only happy but also cheaper. It also offers the most comprehensive travel and vacation arrangements in Orlando, with a travel guide offering tips on entertainment, dining, nightlife and more!

If you are planning a wedding, reunion, business event, sports team travel or other special occasion, the Group Department can help you with requests for 9 or more hotel rooms.

With there is nothing that you will have to do just sit and back and rest yourself everything will just be done by them. Enjoy your stay at Orlando.


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Coca-Cola is considering the launch of revolutionary new packaging that will create ice inside a soft drink when it is opened. It is understood it is planning to use the technology to launch a “super cold” variant of Sprite that aims to extend its appeal to the urban youth.

The new drink will be called Sprite Super Chilled and it could be launched in the UK as early as next year. Coke hopes the drink will tap into the trend for super cold alcoholic drinks, particularly beers.

According to industry sources, the bottled drink has to be stored in a purpose-built, developed vending machine that keeps the drink at a certain temperature. When it is purchased, the consumer twists the bottle, which triggers a mechanism inside that creates ice made from the drink, so it is not diluted.

It is understood that if Sprite Super Chilled proves successful, Coke plans to introduce the technology across its carbonated portfolio, such as Coke and Diet Coke. The move is the latest attempt by Coke to diversify and create new categories.

It comes as Coke axes energy drink Sprite 3G. The energy drink failed to make an impact with UK consumers and was axed less than two years following its launch (MW August 2).

Coke’s efforts to move into new categories have, for the most part, concentrated on moving into functional and healthier offerings.

It recently acquired a number of functional products, such as Vitaminenergy and Vitaminwater, as part of its $4.2bn (£2.1bn) purchase of Glaceau.

In the UK, Coke is launching Diet Coke Plus in October. The drink is an energy variant of the company’s flagship Diet Coke brand.


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Paradigm is a National Level Technical Symposium conducted every year by the ACE (Association of Computer Science Engineers).It is the summit for an intellectual cohort comprising the best minds from the country.

Last friday a national level technical symposium of computer science department held at sri sivasubramaniya nadar college of engineering.The highlight of this symposium is the overall prize TVS Apache.And the overall prize for the gaming(PC+CONSOLE) is x-box 360. A guy named vikranth won the overall gaming championship by winning first prize in both QUAKE and COUNTER STRIKE.He is the one who won the X-box 360.

An another guy from ANNA UNIVERSITY won the over all championship for the symposium and won the TVS-Apache.The president of the department Mr.vijay daniel did a extradinary job in making this symposium a grand success as never before.This year the symposium consited of prizes worth 1.5 lakhs.


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Have you ever been interested in a career as a beautician? Well if you are here is a unique opportunity offered to you by one of the leading beauty institute in the country.

Regency Beauty Institute was founded more than 50 years ago in Minneapolis. With just schools 2 Minnesota schools in 2002, it has now expanded its base to about 30 of them across nine states with continued growth underway for nest year.

Hayes Batson, Regency’s president and CEO of Regency is excited to bring their unique approach in cosmetology education to new markets. He also adds that their campuses mirror upscale salons and provide an exceptional education that benefits their students, the salon community, and the public.

Regency ever growing network allows students to provide high-quality, discounted salon services to the public under expert faculty supervision as part of their training. Regency has a growing network of campuses and placement relationships, from salons to cruise ships and runways. Regency are recognized throughout United states and sought after by leading firms.

To pursue your career as in the beauty field and also to achieve great heights in this field you will have to make the right choice of choosing Regency’s cosmetology schools.


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I started my blog four months back.At first i started it to post all my jokes collection so that every one will come to know about that.But as days passed a friend of mine told about the advertising companies who pays for the post that we write for them.The requirements are very much minimum.All you need to do is to write a quality post.If that is possible you can easily drive traffic to your blog.

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There are many site providing free dashboard to start your blog.I used
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I guess you are benefited by this information.

The First Annual Running of the Wieners

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The US city Cincinnati celebrates Oktoberfest every year, but this weekend the Bavarian-inspired festival, modelled after the original in Germany, will kick off with a new event.


Organisers have announced the inaugural "Running of the Wieners," a 50-foot race open to the first 50 dachshunds willing to be outfitted in hot-dog bun costumes for a chance to be declared the canine champion.


Dachshunds, commonly known as "wiener dogs" because of their shape, were considered a natural choice for the 32nd annual celebration of Cincinnati's German heritage.


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Rare coin collection is one of the most popular hobbies around the world. There are few pioneers in this trade too. Once such frontrunner in this trade is Monaco Rare Coin, a part of Monex family of companies. With a vast experience and also excellent backing by a seasoned heads they really have established themselves in this trade of rare coins.

Not just anyone can help you with building a world class repository of rare coin collection it requires a lot of expertise, experience and access to an intriguing collection of rare coins which is all available with this firm. They provide and guide us through our investments in the field of rare coins. Monaco rare coin agents also provide you with the up to date information available in the market and keeps you in touch with the prevailing trends in the market. So, I think if you are ever into rare coin collection I think you will be wise enough choose Manaco rare coin rather than anyone else because it offers you a wide variety of options.


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similar to the internet connection and telephone lines moving from traditional copper cables to fibre optic cables the USB3.0 is also found to be using this technology.

Intel is now working fellow USB 3.0 Promoters Group members Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, NEC and NXP Semiconductors to release the USB 3.0 specification in the first half of 2008, said Pat Gelsinger, general manager of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group, in a speech in san francisco at the Intel Developer Forum.


The most important advancement made in this USB 3.0 is that it supports speed up to 10 times of USb2.0.for example now usb2.0 has a transfer rate of 486mbps.ten fold would lead to 4.8GBps.Thats too much speed.not many device need that much speed.But some device such as optical drives blue ray and HD DVD will make use of the speed.

i guess it would compleatly occupy the market in 2009 and 2010.Dont worry about the compatablity because USB3.0 is backward compatablity.It means USB2.0 can also be plugged in to USB3.0.


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The story of the movie armegadon is that one asteroid is found to hit the earth after 10 days.The scientist from NASA will plan to send ten people to that asteriod and to bomb it so that it misses earth which will eventually protect earth from a great disaster.The star of the movie is BRUCE WILLS.And he leads a ten member team to that asteriod.The big comedy about the movie is that bruce is not a astronaut and his members too.He is just a driller who drills earth for water and oil.

Just like that it was found that asteroid 99942 Apophis will hit the earth by 2036.Should we rely by 2036 on Bruce Willis’ deep-core drilling skills or should we take a more scientific approach to the asteroid 99942 Apophis? By 2036, people on Earth could see the Armageddon movie turned into reality.

British space engineers have already unveiled designs for the development of a satellite that would track and monitor Apophis, the potential Earth-colliding asteroid discovered in 2004 and having a width of 390 m (1,300 ft).

Apophis will miss the Earth in 2029 just by 100,000 miles (160,000 km) but it could bang us when it swings by in 2036. An eventual collision would release over 100,000 times the energy expelled in the nuclear blast over Hiroshima. Everything on thousands of square km would be wiped out but the most severe effect will be induced by the dust lofted into the atmosphere.

Aerospace company Astrium has come with a proposal for a mission, named Apex, scheduled for 2013 and which will investigate Apophis. This is funded by the Planetary Society, an international scientific (and not only) group founded by Carl Sagan, which has come with a $50,000 prize for a mission meant to track Apophis.

"It is imperative to collect data on Apophis as soon as we can because once we know it's on a collision course the safest way to avoid disaster is to nudge the asteroid to change its orbit," said Mike Healy, Astrium's space science director.

"If we leave it too long it will be impossible to build a spacecraft powerful enough to move its orbit. Ideally we would need to nudge it before 2025 to be sure it misses."

Measurements made in December 2004 revealed that Apophis had a 1 in 37 chance of colliding into the Earth in 2029. Further measurements discarded the danger, but the asteroid still causes concern for April 13th, 2029, when it will approach enough to the Earth to be deflected in its orbit.

If that deflection makes it pass through a particular space point (keyhole), it will impact the Earth on its next passage, in 2036. In 2007, astronomers calculated the chance of Apophis passing through the keyhole, a 600 m (2,000 ft) space patch at 1 in 5,500.

Over 100 teams from 25 countries are going to present their designs to the Planetary Society competition and the winner could be chosen by NASA and the European Space Agency to develop its design.


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There have been complaints about the limited edition case of the game HALO 3.A friend of mine bought a HALO 3 limited edition recently. The name of the dealer is'nt revealed due to security purpose.He bought three copies and all of them was found loosely packed and had scratches on it.
Not many people will face this situation.If that is the case then Microsoft and Bungie had to search where the mistake lies.

If you didn't pre-order the game, Halo 3 is slated for release this September 25 with a midnight launch party in various locations. Considering the number of people who will be in attendance, you might want to clear your schedule if you plan on picking up a copy.

Providing list for your business

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It has really been a headache for all the business ventures to get a hold of the contacts required for their firm. It’s a dream for all to have an agency providing us with the list of companies that required for our business. The dream has come true with Martin worldwide updates .

The list broker with their unsurpassed focus on customer care and relentless dedication to provide only the finest, targeted data, are sure 100% effectiveness of their lists. Being one of the world wide leaders in the direct marketing industry, it has a reputation of providing innovative mailing list products to its clients. Worldwide they possess a database of over 290 million consumers and 14 million U.S. businesses and is one of the only major list providers to guarantee its data integrity in writing.

A towering example for its service is ResponseComô. It is a multidimensional database which is a potent, proprietary blend of U.S. response and U.S consumer databases. It offers versatility and over 100 demographic and psychographic selects. In this the compiled and response data is synthesized specially that provides a unparallel, powerful database which accurately identifies prospects with the most active, responsive, and impulsive buying history. ÌResponseComô is the fruit of hard work, with decades of tracking, compiling, and optimizing data merged into one vast database of proven direct mail responders. The fruit is the faster response rates, profits, and new business opportunities that their customers are enjoying.

With the continued development and unrelenting hard work the company has made themselves into one of the largest and most successful mailing list providers in the country, offering customized mailing lists, telemarketing lists and fax lists to a wide range customers ranging from small business firms to fortune 1000 clients. With over a decade of experience in the field of data acquisition, Martin worldwide provides a variety of cost effective services so that their clients enjoy the fruit of direct marketing efforts.

For more information on Martin Worldwide and its direct marketing products and services, please call (888)- 267-3545.
Contact: Chip Matthews, Client Relations Manager

Million dollar site @ 17!!!!

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A 17-year-old high school dropout. Made more than $1 million. Earns as much as $70K a month. Owns a website that attracts more than 7 million monthly visitors and 60 million page views.

Her first Adsense paycheck was $2,790 and she has already rejected a $1.5 million buyout offer. I’m referring to Ashley Qualls, the founder of, a free MySpace layouts website.

Fastcompany recently published a fascinating feature article on Ashley, a teenage entrepreneur from Detroit who has made a substantial amount of money online by targeting a niche market (girls on Myspace/social networks) and fulfilling their needs.

Ashley is evidence of the meritocracy on the Internet that allows even companies run by neophyte entrepreneurs to compete, regardless of funding, location, size, or experience–and she’s a reminder that ingenuity is ageless.


She has taken in more than $1 million, thanks to a now-familiar Web-friendly business model. Her MySpace page layouts are available for the bargain price of…nothing. They’re free for the taking. Her only significant source of revenue so far is advertising.

Like other high traffic websites, runs CPM ads by Casale Media and Value Click, alongside Google Adsense and Nabbr, a revenue sharing video widget. The integration for each ad type is relatively well done and not too intrusive. The main problem is that Ashley doesn’t seem to be selling ads directly, which is a huge loss considering the amount of traffic she gets.

Currently, a site like Techcrunch makes $10K per 125 x 125 ad block and that’s with 4.0 million page views per month. Whateverlife gets 15 times more page views …

According to the article, has a larger audience than the combined circulation of magazines like Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and CosmoGirl!. This is something remarkable.

You are the boss of your own!!!!

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It’s a dream of everyone to support themselves without being as subordinate to anyone else. But, choosing the field of our business seems to be a major problem for us. Here is one opportunity for you all to wake up to your dreams.

Candy selling has been one of the biggest profits yielding business and it never sees a dull in all seasons. Its consumers range from children to elderly people, though children are the main source. Multivend is one of the leading bulk candy vending machine manufacturers in the United States. Multivend is the exclusive manufacturer of the Vendstar 3000 which provides a unique opportunity to all individuals and entrepreneurs to obtain the American dream of freedom from bonds and to survive on ones own ability.

Multivend is a global venture with an annual turn over of about USD 500,001 - 1,000,000 and has a member strength of almost 9000 which still continues to grow with customers finding plenty of room and demand to expand their vending routes and territories. Candy business has always been a successful one and that too with a bulk vending machine it is a 100% cash business and can provide up to an 80% profit margin. They also have the flexibility of work timings.

Recently lots of improvements have been made to Vendstar 3000. The Vendstar EZ-CountÆ Meter allows the vendor to calculate the exact collection amounts from each machine by digitally updating the total quarters accepted. Multivend has also released a 1î wheel that will allow the Vendstar 3000 machine to dispense one inch gumballs and toy capsules. These new development lets vendors expand their product offerings and benefit from a larger, more diverse market. Click here on multivend to know more about this venture.

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