My new Mobile Phone

Written by soundararajan.R on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 12:01 AM

Hi guys, Its been a long time since i have posted my last blog post. It good to be back on to the blog world. Ok lets get back to the matter. Actually my old mobile fell in stagnant water on the road side while I was driving my bike. So I thought of buying a new Mobile Phone. Since just now christmas has passed and New Year is just around the corner I thought there will be some exciting offers and gift, also it will be easy for me to buy a good mobile at a cheaper rate.

But When I enquired with the shops in my neighbourhood I found that there is not much offer as I expected. The only good offer was on a nokia mobile 5880 which comes with a blue tooth head set. I was a bit confused whether tobuy it or not. So came out of the shop and enquired with my friend sheldon. He suggested me a windows mobile 5500. It has all the features like 2Mpixel camera with 3g enabled. The sound quality is really awesome. Also it has both Qwerty keypad and touchscreen. I have not used a touch screen mobile before but i think it is cooooool.

Guys I need some more suggestions from you people also. It will help choose a better one for me for this new year.

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